Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Tactic to Crack Down on Employers Hiring Illegals

The war employers hiring illegals, at least in one local county, just adopted a new tactic should give employers some second thoughts. Over in Butler County, Sheriff Richard Jones has taken an interesting step in his effort to get control over what he believes to be a significant issue in his community.

His new "secret weapon" is someone we will call "Jose". A few weeks ago, retiring after nearly thirty years with border patrol and immigration, "Jose" began a new job with the Butler County Sheriff's Department -- as an undercover agent tasked with infiltrating businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

"Jose": "I'm finding out that a lot of the larger businesses in Butler County are utilizing staffing agencies, that way they kind of insulate themselves as far
as liability is concerned, they don't have to worry about any paperwork..."

Having worked in counter-terrorism and spent many years undercover, Jose's special skills will help the sheriff's investigations go places they've never gone before, into the very fabric of the Hispanic population.

Hispanic himself, he understands the issues: "As far as sympathizing with these people, obviously I do, and I run into situations where you've got 14 year olds working in factories and the employer is basically turning his head, and it boils down to that profit margin."

Richard Jones, Butler County Sheriff: "Our goal is to tell the illegals, "Don't come here; you're not welcome. If you come here illegally, this is one law enforcement official that doesn't want you here."

Sheriff Jones also has some words for the employers: "... you're breaking down our economy, our nation of laws ... I would be very satisfied if you went to prison for the first time you hire illegals."

'Jose' tells us he's already been inside about 20 different Butler County businesses. Besides working undercover, he'll be helping debrief Hispanic suspects taken into custody, and especially concentrate on Hispanics who are already convicted felons.

Editor's note: Please use the email button [->] below to send this blog to your community's Mayor, Police Chief, or City Council. It is time these employers paid for their greed in hiring illegals over American citizens.

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  1. i work in the state of illinois, 18 workers are illegal, company never
    hires american people.
    manufacturing in illinois hire mexicans , they come here and go back.
    they take away our jobs our future . they ruin our country.
    first of all i was almost poisoned by them.
    please let them go , stop the abuse of america.
    my boss made a foreman who is illegal. i do not respect that.
    i respect only american government.
    such employers should be arrested.


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