Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eva Albavera Viveros is a Mexican woman who, like many of her neighbors, lost her husband when he went to America looking for work. Eva and her friends in Tecalpulco established a cooperative and are working very hard to provide for themselves.

They produce fine jewelry and try to market it through the internet. Click here to learn more or to buy their jewelry.

Even more amazing than their jewelry, which looks quite good, is their attitude. One of the pages on their website is called "Wetback Wives" and it carries a message to the United States Border Patrol, urging them to send their husbands home -- even if it means rounding them up and deporting them!

The reality is that our immigration policies are really destroying two countries, not just ours. Although it feels like all of the Mexicans have moved here, Mexico is being drained of its manpower, the people who should be helping to build and shape their own country.

Editor's note: Eva's closing words to me in her email were "Please CLOSE THE BORDER to Illegal Migration and send our men back to Mexico where we need them to help us with our jewelry production. We did not want them to go to the United States. They said they wouldn’t be gone so long, that they were going to get money and come right back, but they have been gone for a long time and we want to ask for your help in sending them back to their homes and families."


  1. I am appalled by your lack of research on this website. First of all, Eva is not a single wife, she's an anthropology graduate student in Mexico City, and she works for the Women's Council in the respective city. She has come into contact with abandoned wives and mothers and has heard their heart-wrenching stories. She was so moved by their stories that she decided to set up the website to help support the women in their artisan work. IN AN ACTUAL PHONECALL WITH EVA, she declared herself impartial and completely against political groups that will use her as a banner for something she isn’t. She does not want political groups like yours to be misinterpreting her message as an anti-immigrant rant. I think you're missing the point in her website. It is not stating a political stance, rather a humanitarian concern. Shame on you for spinning this story into something that it isn't.

  2. I made up no anti-immigrant rant. I quoted Eva's word exactly as she gave them to me.

    I was merely offering people a picture of the plight of the women of Mexico whose husbands run off to the U.S. and decide never to return.

    Are you telling me Eva is lying? Have these women she is trying to help not been abandoned by their husbands who became illegal aliens?


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