Monday, February 12, 2007

Connecticut organization asks for investigation of Danbury city officials

Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control has filed a request for a criminal investigation with the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, asking for an investigation to determine if city officials, including Mayor Mark Boughton, are engaged in criminal racketeering in violation of U.S. Immigration Laws.

“The City of Danbury has become one large illegal smuggling, employment and housing operation,” said the organization’s Paul Streitz, adding “This is racketeering…coordinating various operations with one intent, to displace resident citizens with illegals.”

“The quality of life so deteriorates on streets where houses are inhabited by illegals that resident citizens are forced to sell their houses at losses and move. The increase in population of Danbury while the rest of the state’s population declines is due to the deliberate policies of the City of Danbury housing more illegal aliens,” he said.

“This is a pipeline from Equador and Brazil to Danbury. An above ground railroad to Danbury.”

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