Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cost of illegal immigrants to native New Yorkers - $874 per household per year

An analysis of the current number of illegal aliens living in New York shows that the illegal population is costing the state’s taxpayers more than $5.1 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration. That annual tax burden amounts to about $874 per legal New York household.

Compared to a 1994 study, the burden to native New Yorkers is substantial and that the costs are rapidly increasing.

The outlays in costs incurred by New York taxpayers annually are:

New Yorkers spend more than $4.3 billion annually on education for the children of illegal immigrants. That figure does not include programs for limited English students, remedial educational programs or breakfast and lunch programs for students from low-income families. Estimates are that 11.7 percent of public school students in New York are children of illegal aliens.

Taxpayer-funded, unreimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to about $690 million a year.

The cost of incarcerating deportable illegal aliens in New York’s state and local prisons amounts to about $165 million a year.


  1. Hi just wanted to say that your figures of the cost are not allowing for the fact that a good proportion of your country's cheap labor comes from wetbacks and the like. Keeps Mexico poor and the US profits up (at least business) which would have a flow-on down to US citizens and the economy. This needs to be factored in.

  2. illegal aliens most of whom are from mexico are killing our economy destroying our society
    poisioning our schools emiting fear in our neighbourhoods importing drugs and criminals
    "every illegal is a criminal;
    they all must be deported no exceptions
    the united states of america is not responsible for mexicos corrupt and failing system

  3. bastard don't let your ignorance show

  4. bastard I hope someday your views will change before you go home to the lord.If not your in big trouble.now as for killing the economy they cant even do their taxes.they can,t have a drivers licence.I think alot of peaple want to use them just like slaves and they can,t so their mad.well they do work for really little money.And doing the jobs that nobody wants.and as for poisoning the schools.It,s not like alot of our school systems are so screwed up why don,t you put your effort into that than blaming innocent peaple for your problems.I am a american citizen married to A hispanic and I will back my family and my fellow friends all the way and realize it or not we are winning!!!!


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