Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Minuteman Project will investigate El Paso federal attorney

Jim Gilchrist, the former Marine who established the Minuteman Project, is outraged that two Border Patrol agents, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, continue to be behind bars in federal prison "We are disgusted with a government which ignores its duty to secure our borders, then grants Constitutional rights to illegal non-citizens and persecutes those who risk their lives to protect us," Gilchrist continued, "As a former Marine, I can’t have much respect for a Commander-in-Chief who doesn't stand by his troops."

Gilchrist said he and his group are convinced there are serious flaws in the prosecution which led to the agents’ convictions. Evidence was reportedly withheld, the illegal alien drug smuggler was given immunity to testify against the agents, and some jurors reportedly felt "coerced" into delivering a guilty verdict.

"We are establishing a citizens’ investigation commission to look into the Ramos/Compean situation, starting with a thorough review of the federal attorney’s procedures and motivations," said Gilchrist. "We believe that federal attorney Johnny Sutton was, at the least, overzealous in his prosecution of these agents." Gilchrist pledges that he and Minuteman Project volunteers from around the nation will be working to gain a Presidential Pardon for the two agents.

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  1. I spent the last three days searching for anything and everything on Johnny Sutton. Very interesting. I thought that the border guards were guilty until I started digging. I found narco news, Cynthia McCinneys letter to the Attorney General, world net daily, etc. The only story that never changed is the one the agents told. Johnny Sutton is a deceitful liar and has a lot to answer for. I would love for someone to expose him.


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