Saturday, February 10, 2007

Illegal migrant villages razed near San Diego

Officials of the City of Poway have been waging a long-running battle against migrant workers and day laborers who camp in undeveloped areas of the city while they work in area fields, at construction sites and in residential landscaping. Four such encampments have been removed over the past six months.

The area has the region's largest number of undocumented workers. Opponents, such as the Minuteman Project, say the migrant workers are lawbreakers, having entered the country illegally, and should be prosecuted.

The most recent encampments were found mostly on city property. City workers cleared three encampments while private contractors removed the fourth.

A new challenge for the city is reaching camps that have moved higher into the rugged hills hugging the city, officials said. They have identified encampments so remote that city crews have to check on them by helicopter. Officials said they are working on shutting them down as well


  1. Hello?
    [The area has the region's largest number of undocumented workers.]

    Call them what they are: Illegal aliens.
    They are not American citizens, nor are they legal residents nor legal visitors.
    They have ignored our sovereignty, crossed our borders, and entered our country ILLEGALLY.

  2. Yes and you want them to work for you so you can save some money but keep it on the down low right.ha,ha,ha


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