Thursday, February 15, 2007

Supporters of immigration enforcement mourn the loss of Rep. Norwood

Georgia lost a key player in its fight against illegal immigration with the death of Representative Charlie Norwood (GOP). Congressman Norwood, who was listed on the U.S. Border Control House Honor Roll last fall for his support of immigration enforcement legislation, died February 13 at the age of 65.

Norwood was know as Charlie "Just Charlie." He earned a reputation in Washington as a straight-talking, no-nonsense political street fighter -- a man who was always looking out for average Joe.

"He told me, as a dentist, he could help one person at a time," said his friend, Jerry Murray. "He said as a Congressman, he could help hundreds at a time." Murray served with Norwood in Vietnam, and says his friend was always plotting and planning ways to help others.

"He'd get that gleam in his eye," said Murray. "It was infectious. It was compelling. It was Charlie Norwood."

Before leaving Atlanta for Norwood's Augusta funeral, members of the state House paused, and remembered a man who didn't hide his dedication to service.


  1. I will keep the Norwood family in my prayers.

  2. ...and everybody is coming out of the woodwork to take his seat. I pray that Norwood's district will vote another, strong illegal immigration fighter as his replacement.


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