Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Federal judge upholds Arizona law penalizing hiring of illegals

A federal judge has upheld an Arizona law that mandates the closure of businesses which knowingly hire illegal immigrants. The law became effective in January.

In making his decision, U.S. District Judge Neil Wake rejected the arguments of business and immigrant-rights groups. They had sued, saying the law was unconstitutional. Wake disagreed,'The act does not make employers conform to a stricter form of conduct than federal law.'

Wake also noted that federal law specifically lets states regulate business licensing. 'Preservation of that state power was itself part of Congress' careful balancing of policy objectives,' he wrote.

Under the law, a company is placed on probation the first time it is found to have knowingly hired undocumented workers. The second time, its license is revoked, essentially ending its ability to operate in Arizona.

The Arizona law is the only one in the country which mandates the closure of businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Several states have contacted Arizona looking to duplicate it.

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  1. It's great that the law is upheld. Will it ever get enforced is a different story.

    If it was a matter of giving money to welfare abusers, than one can safely bet on the outcome in favor of an abuser.



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