Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Jersey State Senate considers penalties for businesses hiring illegals

New Jersey State Senate Majority Leader, Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat, has proposed legislation that that would punish business owners who knowing hire and employ illegal immigrants. The bill would suspend the license of a business owner caught employing illegal immigrants for 10 days. A second violation would result in a permanent suspension.

Republican legislators praised the plan, and announced their support. State Sen. Christopher J. Connors said “It's time for the state to stop turning a blind eye to this unlawful activity and impose penalties for companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens."

"Each day this issue remains unaddressed, fraudulent business persons line their own pocket at the expense of honest taxpayers," said Assemblymen Brian E. Rumpf. "In the majority of cases, illegal immigrants are hired as cheap labor, limiting opportunities for legal citizens to obtain work at reasonable wages. Law-abiding businesses who hire legally are at a competitive disadvantage. Simply ignoring this issue because it is controversial represents a failure of our government to enforce its own laws."

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