Sunday, February 24, 2008

Homeland Security takes a baby step in increasing business fines

The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it will increase fines against employers who hire illegal immigrants, the first increase in almost a decade. However, the fines will not be doubled or tripled, but will increase by a mere 25 percent, no deterrent to greedy businesses.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff nevertheless expressed pride at the announcement, “Work site enforcement and interior enforcement are critical elements of a strategy to deal with this issue of illegal migration,” he said, adding that the departments of Justice and Homeland Security are also working on a plan to increase criminal penalties against “the most egregious employer offenders.”

The announcement also included stepped-up raids at businesses and the construction of fencing and other barriers along the border with Mexico. But Chertoff said the steps were needed due to Congress’ failure to pass an amnesty program, rather than the Bush Administration’s failure to enforce existing law.

Fines for employers caught knowingly hiring illegal immigrants will now range from $275 to $11,000.


  1. I am a retired bookkeeper. My duties included payroll for small companies. When I asked employers about the "I9" form, they didn't even know about it.

    I believe that hiring of illegals is common in small businesses. I have seen, presumably illegal, workers paid in someone elses pay check.

    Another incident was the hiring of a Canadian and when I asked for payroll information, I was told to pay them with a check, but post it to some other expense - it's buried.

  2. Anonymous, I too know what you are talking about.
    I worked for a small business that knew these people were illegal.

    They paid them less than the Americans, they knew their ID's were fake, they would also ask around to see if there was anyone that would let these folks work under their name.

    The deal goes like this.
    If an American will let them work under their name, they (the American) files the income tax and keeps it...

    The sad part is that some Americans really go for it!

  3. If we don't start paying mind to the business's there won't be any jobs left!


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