Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Texas GOP voters can voice opposition to illegal immigration when they vote March 4

Republican voters in Texas have a unique opportunity. They can sound off on illegal immigration when they vote in the March 4 primary election. Voters will cast ballots on three nonbinding resolutions.
• The first measure asks if local, state and federal officials should be required to enforce U.S. immigration laws 'to secure our borders.' 'I would be shocked if it didn't pass,' said Kathy Ward, chairwoman of the Collin County Republican Party.
• The second referendum, also related to illegal immigration, calls for legislation to require voters to show photo identification.
• The third item would require state and local governments to limit annual budget increases to the sum of the population growth and inflation rate.
State Republican officials put the items on the primary ballot in hopes of influencing future legislation. Mandy Tschoepe, of the State Republican Executive Committee, said, 'It gives us a big stick to take to the Legislature. We can say, 'Ninety-two percent of Republican primary voters think a voter ID in order to vote is an important issue. Let's get it done.''

Texas legislators are studying an Oklahoma illegal immigration law that's considered the nation's toughest. People who shelter or conceal undocumented immigrants can be charged with a felony under the law passed last year.


  1. Hooray for these resolutions. Does anyone know how to go about getting these types of resolutions put on the ballot in our state's primary?

  2. Sure do. Send letters, e-mails, faxes to and call your representatives. Also visit them and give them info. Let them know what you want, remind them of their oaths of office, and don't let up. Visit Texas Legislature Online. You can find out who your representatives are, what bills are being presented and the details, and e-mail your representative.

  3. Sadly only the Republican's ballot had the ability to vote on this.
    It would be interesting to see how the Democrats would chime in. Texans voted against illegal immigration overwhelmingly...but does anyone know if it MEANS anything? Illegals are still here (just down the street from my house at Stuebner-Airline and barely north of the police station on Cypresswood in Spring, Texas!)
    Ron Hickman, one of the problems contributing to illegals being allowed to shop for jobs on the streets, was re-elected to Constable for Precinct 4 after a dirty hit piece on Louis Guthrie was put out. My children were able to witness their debate live. Hickman was pompous and arrogant...the kids were very impressed with Mr. Guthrie, who would support shipping them back to Mexico! Look on for Louis Guthrie. He's a good man in this fight. The Repubs poured so much money into Hickman's campaign it was disgusting.
    Keep up the good youngest REALLY wants a Border Patrol/Border Watch hat. The youth of America may be our hope!!!


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