Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Texas Governor now supports border fence

Texas is faced with illegal immigrants flowing in from other U.S. states as well as over the Mexican border, and Governor Rick Perry is talking tough on immigration and border security, saying he favors border fences in some areas.

Nearby states have enacted laws cracking down on the hiring of illegal workers. As a result, illegal immigrants are driving down Interstate 35 from Oklahoma or heading east to Texas from Arizona to flee the tough new laws.

In August 2007, ahead of a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Mexico City, Perry railed against all the 'mean rhetoric' sparked by the immigration debate in Washington and declared that border fences 'absolutely won't work.'

But in February 2008, Perry is embracing fencing. 'There is some strategic fencing that we support. There are areas, particularly in metropolitan areas, that you can use strategic fencing to help control the flow of illegal activities,' he said.

Perry is now emphasizing border security over immigration reform, and says that if a comprehensive overhaul occurs he wants temporary workers who apply for U.S. citizenship to wait their turn behind others who have already done so. 'There's a line. Get in just like everybody else,' he said.

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  1. WHATEVER! He'll say whatever he needs to say to 'get elected' or 'stay popular' or whatever he thinks voters want to hear. He's a politcian, NOT A STATESMAN!!!


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