Tuesday, March 11, 2008

350 immigration-related proposals introduced in state legislatures

The first two months of the year have seen state lawmakers propose more than 350 immigration-related bills. The largest number of proposals were introduced in California, Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona and Rhode Island.
  • Legislators in eight states want to follow Oklahoma’s example, proposing immigration bills that would restrict illegal immigrants' access to driver's licenses and other IDs; limit public benefits, penalize employers who hire them and boost ties between local police and federal immigration authorities. 
  • Almost 30 states have bills to crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. 
  • In 20 states, legislators seek to boost cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities and to increase penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes. 
  • In 14 states, legislators are looking to limit driver's licenses and other IDs; in another 14 states, legislators are looking to cut public benefits for illegal immigrants. 
  • In a number of states, dueling bills illustrate conflicting views. In Delaware, one bill would require that notices about predatory loans be written in Spanish and English. Another would make English the state's official language. California bills would deny benefits to children of illegal immigrants and would provide those living in poverty with health care insurance.

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  1. I hate to say it...
    Me being so against illegal immigration, but so far all I see are empty promises...
    I watch as they laugh in my face, they have more rights than AMERICANS.


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