Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bush insists border solution needs ‘swinging door'

According to George W. Bush, the solution to the U.S. security issues with its southern border must include a ‘swinging door’ so that workers can come and go as they want, White House press secretary Dana Perino said recently.

Asked if border security efforts need more personnel, more fencing, or more enforcement of immigration regulations, Perino told a new correspondent that in addition to those efforts “he would add another measure, a temporary worker program for people who want to cross the border and work in America, but also want to go back home."

The 'swinging door,' of course, would swing open only for Mexican citizens seeking to work in the U.S., not for U.S. citizens seeking to live and work in Mexico. U.S. citizens seeking to live and work in Mexico would continue to face a substantial number of prequalification and legal requirements. If a U.S. citizen enters Mexico illegally, any Mexican citizen can arrest them and turn them over without delay to the nearest authorities. Only Mexicans have the right to acquire ownership of land, and Mexicans have priority over foreigners for all employment.

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