Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arizona sheriff conducts his own crime sweep, arrests 37 illegals

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio conducted a crime suppression sweep over the Easter weekend in Phoenix. He said local business people had asked him to conduct the sweep.

"In a total of 10 hours, our force arrested 55 people. Of the 55, 37 were illegal," he said of the weekend arrests. Arapaio said he will do more crime suppression this week.

"Any illegals we come across are going directly to jail. So I'm sure all the activists are getting the bullhorns out, they're getting their cameras to take pictures of my deputies arresting people, so that's OK," the sheriff said

Arpaio responded to criticism not only from immigrant rights activists, but also from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who said Arpaio did not notify him of the sweep.

"Since when do I have to call a politician?" Arpaio asked, "So I come in here, he knew it - if he read the papers - I did notify the local commander of the precinct. They did know we were here."


  1. Joe A. for Presudent

  2. Then who will do all the jobs that you and your lazy family think "you're to good" to do.

  3. Probably the same people that did them before people like you came here and did them for little or nothing. Go home where you belong and you will see who does them.

  4. He is the sheriff and this is an elected office. His job is to arrest people that break the law.

    Maybe next week it will be meth labs, maybe prostitution the next.

    This is what sheriffs do. They sweep the streets clean of wanted criminals and people breaking the law.

    If he *wasn't* doing it people would be outraged because it's his job.

    To him illegals are just another kind of criminal. They don't call them "illegals" for nothing. Despite lots of people trying to make it other wise, right now, the law says they are here illegally.

    If you want to change this, write your senator and get the law changed. This is America and you are free to pursue this goal.

    For now, Tom A. is just doing his job.



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