Sunday, March 09, 2008

Illegal drives van into Minnesota school bus, kills four children

The illegal, unlicensed driver of a van hit a school bus late last month in southwest Minnesota. The woman failed to stop at a stop sign before hitting the bus, which was carrying 28 students. The crash killed four children.

Olga Marina Franco del Cid told investigators she was Alianiss Morales, but when federal agents tracked down the real Morales, she told authorities her purse and identification documents were stolen six months ago while she was living in Puerto Rico. The U.S. Attorney's office says Franco del Cid used the documents to apply for jobs in Minnesota and also used Morales's Social Security card to get a Minnesota state I.D. card.

In addition to federal charges, including two counts of identity theft and two counts of false representation of a Social Security number, Franco del Cid was also charged by the State of Minnesota with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide, a stop sign violation and driving without a valid license. When authorities searched her home they found her real identity and Guatemalan birth certificate.

Two brothers, as well as the daughter of a teacher at Lakeview School and the son of a former teacher, were killed. Funerals have been held for brothers Hunter Javens, 9, and Jesse Javens, 13, Emilee Olson, 9 and Reed Stevens, 12. Six other people, five of them students, were hospitalized in nearby Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and one additional student was hospitalized at the Mayor Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


  1. Make sure Lou Dobbs gets a copy of this.

  2. I take it she was a hard working innocent person, trying to make a better life for herself!
    As she took the lives of the REAL innocents!
    My prayers for the families.


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