Friday, March 07, 2008

Senators seek crackdown on immigration

A group of Republican senators introduced a series of proposals this week to crack down on illegal immigration. They include
  • Sets a deadline on building a U.S.-Mexico border fence
  • Establishes manadatory minimum sentences for illegal entry
  • Requires mandatory electronic employment verification system
  • Sets substantial funding cuts for sanctuary cities
  • Stops banks from accepting Matricula Consular cards
  • Establishes English as the national language
  • Stops the phaseout of the National Guard on our borders
  • Formalizes role of state and local police forces to assist with immigration enforcement
  • Sets highway fund penalties for states that give licenses to illegal aliens
  • Makes drunk driving by illegal aliens a deportable offense
  • Requires nations to repatriate their illegal aliens or lose aid and visas
  • Repeals presidential orders that require federal agencies to be multilingual.
The senators said they wanted to bring attention to the issue of immigration immediately.

"We've not forgotten the importance of this issue and we want things done this year," said Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, adding. "This debate cannot wait. Once the word is out that we're taking seriously our commitment to combating illegality seriously, far fewer will be eager to sneak into the U.S.”


  1. Illegal immigrants shifting to BOATS from San Diego to Del Mar beaches add that to the list to Senators. thank you Ronald King USN Retired and love the beach.

  2. What our leaders fail to realize is we are on the verge of a national revolt because of the invasion. Americans are LIVID
    at the blatant betrayal of their leaders and want them all OUT
    of Washington! Americans have
    had it with "business as usual"
    as their country circles the drain. Illegals are destroying
    our economy, culture, and entire way of life and we want them all deported NOW! By force if needed.
    They gave us no one to choose from this election but more inept crooks. We've had enough. Either something gives very soon now or a war will break out in this country for the first time in over a hundred years. It IS coming. Everywhere I go I m4eet whites that are ready to revolt. It's all they talk about. Total strangers talk to me about it all the time.
    Our leaders better wake up or they'll be the first to be held responsible.


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