Monday, April 30, 2007

Americans want immigration laws enforced

Most adults in the United States want their government to efficiently observe existing immigration regulations, according to a newly released poll by Zogby Interactive. 58.6 per cent of respondents see law enforcement as the solution to the immigration problem, while 31.6 per cent favor creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Polling Data
Best way to fight illegal immigration

• Toughen enforcement of existent laws 58.6%
• Creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants 31.6%


  1. I for one am tired of watching our country being invaded.
    Something must be done!

  2. The US caused most of this problem by not inforcing the existing immigration laws. It is time to start doing that. Anyone here illegally
    should be treated as a Criminal.

  3. I am proud that we are enforcing immigration laws but what can we as a people to help even more. When we immigration officers don't wish to help in some states even we there is hard proof that a crime has been done? and the police in the state or certain city's don't wont to help do more to help the American people. We as a people can't always take the law in our own hands. How can you post a statement on how we Americans help clean up American when we have people from other nations come to American and comment a crime. Change there names and flee the state? Its not right when Americans do crimes. So why is it that certain state police think it is fine when some one here illegally can do crimes and get away with it. Is there a way that our country can push our nations laws a bit harder on those that enter our country illegally and do illegal crimes? And is there a easier way for those that are here that hasn't done anything but work hard stay out of trouble to care for there families?

  4. Lily says: I agree with tresie. Criminals should be kicked out not hard working people. Ronnysgirl: im sorry darling but obviously in order for you to speak the way you do, you need to know where your roots are comming from! Tell me what decendent are you? European? French? Russian? African? South american? You may think "my family was born in this country" yes- but how did your great great grandaddy get here?? EVEN the first indians found in this country were immigrants because they crossed from russia to alaska (or so history teaches us). So go find out your roots first before you can go saying "stop invading my country" this goes for EVERYONE!


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