Saturday, April 14, 2007

Former LA gang leader, 14 others arrested in Georgia

A former leader of a Los Angeles street gang and 14 other illegal immigrants, 10 with criminal records, were arrested this week by immigration authorities in the Atlanta area. The 15 arrests came during a three-day operation that ended Thursday. It was conducted by the Atlanta's Fugitive Operations Team, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security's nationwide push to round up immigrants who have been ordered deported for criminal convictions or visa violations.

Ten of those arrested had criminal histories including child molestation, statutory rape, and driving under the influence. The others, from Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and Nicaragua, were also in the country illegally and face deportation.

Among them is Jhonathan Aguilar-Orozco, of Mexico, the former leader of the California street gang "White Fence." He has previously been deported twice and has felony convictions for burglary, battery, aggravated assault and drug charges. Authorities also arrested Hector Solis-Guzman, of El Salvador, who was convicted in 2005 in Georgia on charges of false imprisonment, family violence battery and cruelty to children


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