Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Illegals in Los Angeles want even more than Bush is offering

Even President Bush’s proposals to give amnesty to 20 million illegals is not enough to satisfy the illegal aliens in Southern California. On Easter weekend, thousands of them marched through the streets saying that Bush’s amnesty would cost too much.

They want a low cost or free amnesty after breaking our laws. They also don’t want to have to leave the U.S. before returning to get amnesty.

No one serioiusly confronted them.

Hispanics who come to this country legally have no reason to complain, for they’re already on a “path to citizenship” by following the law and having their green cards.

Illegal aliens drive down the wages of legal immigrants as well as citizens. They also cost our communities tax dollars for the education and emergency health care the courts say we must provide, and for many other services they should not be receiving.

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