Sunday, April 22, 2007

Imagine, a day without illegals!

While illegals and their advocate ask “What would a day without immigrants be like,” we'd like to note that legal immigrants are very welcome in the United States. We don’t want to imagine a day without them.

But what would a day without illegals be like?
• First, the Americans killed by illegal aliens today, including those killed by drunken drivers, would still be alive;
• Homeland security would be dramatically improved by removing people of unknown character and criminal history from our midst;
• Inmate population at state, local, and federal penal institutions would be about 30 percent less;
• Education would be dramatically improved because overcrowding would be eased;
• Teachers would be able to devote more time to American students, rather than attending to the needs of non-English speaking aliens;
• America's health care system would not be burdened by millions of uninsured illegal aliens;
• Those who belong in America would be able to count on receiving emergency care in a reasonable period of time, rather than being forced to wait for hours upon hours in emergency rooms overrun by illegal aliens;
• With fewer cars on the road, traffic congestion would be dramatically eased, resulting in less carbon monoxide released to the environment. And less global warming;
• Most of the crimes being investigated in Los Angeles would not have been committed;
• ID theft would be far less of a threat to Americans;
• Welfare and food stamp fraud would be reduced significantly.