Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reid’s staff complains new Bush proposal not liberal enough

Six Republican and four Democratic Senators. met Thursday with White House officials in the second bipartisan meeting involving the Bush administration in two days. The gatherings are expected to become a regular occurrence when the Senate returns from recess next week. Republican Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) said “We’ve made a lot of progress. What we have to do now is take our ideas and draft a bill. That will happen during the break.”

Not everyone, however, was pleased “Some of these proposals being floated by the White House are very, very problematic,” said a spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) “Sen. Reid is anxious to get a comprehensive bill through the Senate as quickly as possible.

“The only way to get anything done is if this administration stops paying lip service to the right wing and starts negotiating in good faith with Democrats on the Hill,” he added.

Democrats, however, already are balking at several provisions, including requirements that illegals return home and pay a $10,000 fine to ultimately achieve citizenship, and that there be no special allowances for immigrant families,.

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