Saturday, April 21, 2007

Virginia murders should be a wakeup call regarding H1B viasa

Cho Seung-Hui, the gunman who shot and killed 33 people at Virginia Tech last week, is a chain migrant. He is a South Korean national who came to the U.S. atthe age of 8.

His parents were probably recipients of visas such as the H1B or L1. These visas are a popular Trojan horse for the third-world invasion of the West, and are supported by big business to drive down American wages. George W. Bush and Bill Gates have long supported the broadening of these visas to “globalize” (i.e. drive down) American salaries, especially in high tech.

Those who want to see immigration reduced have been predicting for decades that something like the Virginia tragedy was bound to happen. Bush had been warned numerous times, before and after 9/11, about the dangers of these visas, and chose to ignore all the warnings.

Recently, he has sought to once again expand student, H-1B and L1 visas from the third world. The Cho killing spree should serve as a wakeup call to abolish or severely limit visas from all non-Western countries.


  1. Very narrow minded and myopic argument. Yesterday, a contract engineer of NASA killed a colleague. Was the killer a recipient of H1B? I don't think he was.

    There have been many instances of American citizens by birth (NOT by naturalization) indulging in mass murders like this.

    What about American born cult leader who encouraged hundreds of people to commit suicide.

    The Korean boy who killed at Viginia Tech was a mentally deranged person. For god's sake don't analyze and find out reasons for the mass murder. If anyone is to blame it is God because only he could have prevented it.

  2. Surely a narrow minded comment. Not all americans are sons of mother land america. Including you, If you are not RED Indian by birth. Your parents at some point of time might have migrated from UK or some other place like that. How can you blame H1B responsible for this?

    If you have this kind of narrow minded mentality you don't have any right to call yourself a citizen of a FREE country.

    And FYI. There are lot of asians in US who are doing quiet well in their jobs and working as support pillar for US economy.

    Come on. Accept it. We are a part of globalization.

    And as another fellow told, that korean was mentally unstable person. You can't generalize based on this.

    And above all H1B holders or other immigrants, by staying in US, are not commiting the crime, what US soldiers are committing in Iraq.


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