Sunday, April 01, 2007

National Minuteman 30-Day Border Watch began Sunday

The national Minuteman Operation: “Stand Your Ground” started April 1. “Stand Your Ground” is a national muster to combat a large increase in ‘amnesty-seeking’ border crossings, together with drug-trafficking and contraband.

The operation, organized by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, led by Chris Simcox, runs April 1 to 30 on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as well as on the U.S.-Canada border in New Hampshire, New York and Washington State. It features 24/7 operations for the 30 days to secure the border.

A message for potential border-watchers said: “We must stand vigilant watch, to both protect our sovereign territory from foreign invasion and to lobby Washington D.C. from the border against increasing the illegal alien mobs flooding our nation. With the politicians’ irresponsible promises of amnesty, illegal crossings at the border in some sectors are at an all-time high, flooded with those in hopes of grabbing the U.S. citizenship “give-away.

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  1. I would volunteer my time with my weapons to help secure our borders. I am tired of my tax dollars paying for medical bills on illegal emmigrants.
    If I am fired upon I will return fire in a deadly manner!!
    You will NOT fire at me an live to tell about it.


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