Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Democrat Congressmen promise amnesty to millions of illegals

Legislation legalizing millions of immigrants will pass Congress this year, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) promised more than 1,500 illegals at a rally in Chicago. 'The Democratic leadership is committed to this,' Emanuel said. 'This will be the year we get this done.'

Emmanuel referred to a House bill filed by Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) that would allow illegals to stay in the country. Gutierrez also attended the rally. Emanuel is chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and said he planned to court votes from Republicans. 'My goal is 218 votes, and not just Democrats,' Emanuel said. 'We've got to make this a big tent.'

Gutierrez is traveling across the country trying to drum up support for the bill, which would allow immigrants who arrived before June of last year to stay in the country if they pay a $500 fine, pass background checks and prove employment. After six years, immigrants could become permanent residents if they pay $1,500, learn English and have not committed a crime. The bill also would allow as many as 400,000 guest workers to enter the job market annually.

However,in the Gutierrez bill, those who receive amnesty will be able to bring in their entire families. In exchange for the fee to become permanent residents, they would receive a treasure trove of government benefits. Gutierrez has eliminated virtually all the checks and balances designed to keep criminals, drug smugglers, child predators, rapists and terrorists out of our country, and under his bill, the most questionable forms of identification would be accepted.

Conservatives continue to push for stricter border enforcement, while liberals insist on a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

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