Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Columbia disciplinary action seen as inadequate

Columbia University has warned or censured eight students who disrupted speakers from the Minuteman Project last October in a melee that cut short the program. Protesters had stormed the stage during the presentation, and shut down the speeches.

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg had chastised Columbia at the time.

Warnings and censures will be noted on the students’ transcripts for varying lengths of time, but none will remain on the records after graduation. If students face other disciplinary proceedings, they will face harsher penalties.“

A spokesman for the Minuteman Project called Columbia’s disciplinary actions “a travesty of justice.”

Chris Kulawik, president of the Columbia University College Republicans, which sponsored the Minuteman program, said that he felt the discipline was too light. “I’m glad they took some action,” he said. “But personally, I don’t think it is strong enough to prevent people from doing it again.”

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