Monday, March 19, 2007

Illegal used stolen ID to get a driver’s license, a job, checking accounts and mortgages

An illegal alien bought a stolen Social Security number 20 years ago in California, moved to Illinois. He used the card to get a job and a driver’s license, to open checking accounts, to take out two mortgages and even to file bankruptcy.

But his string of luck ran out, and Francisco G. Maldonado, 39, was charged with financial identity theft and possession of a fictitious identification card. Maldonado even gave the stolen Social Security number to police booking officers several times while he was being arrested.

The woman whose Social Security number was stolen had filed several police reports, and had talked to credit and collection agencies, eventually learning the address Maldonado was using in Illinois.
When he was arrested, Maldonado had an Illinois driver’s license, a department store credit card, a bank statement, checks with his name imprinted on them and a Blue Cross insurance card. But he told police he was unable to post a $15,000 bond, and was taken to jail.

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