Sunday, March 11, 2007

Noncitizen voting eroding confidence in the integrity of U.S. elections

“There is a very real possibility that noncitizens have already affected the outcomes of elections, and they will in the future.” Congressman Brian P. Bilbray, (CA-GOP). Bilbray was addressing a House Judiciary Committee hearing on voting irregularities and election deception.

With more than 20 million foreign-born residents in the United States who are not U.S. citizens, including at least 12 million illegal aliens, the potential for noncitizen voting is a growing concern, he said.

Rep. Steve King, (IA-GOP) noted that illegal aliens in some states can easily acquire driver's licenses, making it easy for them to register to vote, especially in states with 'motor-voter' laws. King said that in states where driver’s licenses are available to legal noncitizens and illegal aliens, there is little doubt that the voter rolls also contain large numbers of noncitizens and illegals aliens.

Bilbray said the new REAL ID law, which will require states to verify proof of citizenship before issuing driver's licenses and voter identification cards, will greatly help combat fraudulent voting. “People tend to think that the photo ID requirement will suppress voting, but to the contrary -- evidence shows that anti-fraud provisions actually increase voter turnout” Bilbray said, noting that more than 100 democracies worldwide require voters to show photo IDs, including Mexico.

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