Monday, March 26, 2007

Proposal would require medical exams for all food service workers

A proposal in Tarrant County, Texas would require that all food service workers and food handlers receive a thorough medical examination, before and during their employment in restaurants, fast food chains and cafeterias.

Supporters say that dozens of cases of highly contagious diseases, especiallly hepatitis, are being passed onto restaurant customers by employees. Waitstaff have passed hepatitis on to customers at Pappasito’s Cantina in Houston, Chi-Chi’s Mexican Restaurant and the El Yaqui Restaurants in Arizona and San Diego, and during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Awards dinner.

Diseases identified by the CDC as coming across the border include tuberculosis, hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, meningitis, chagas, shigella, dengue, eye worm and brain worm disease, and leprosy. There are also increasing reports of polio in some border towns.

Musicians who apply for jobs on cruise lines must receive a very thorough physical exam before employment. The cost - about $250. If musicians have to have a certified medical checkup with appropriate vaccinations, it only seem reasonable that food service workers and food handlers be required to get the same thing.

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  1. Actually, in the pappasito's case and in the Wolfgang Puck case, foodservice workers contracted hepatitis - THEY DID NOT PASS IT ON. Maybe the foodservice workers got hepatitis from the people eating at the restaurant/party? Maybe everyone who poops and eats out needs to be tested for hepatitis?


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