Monday, March 12, 2007

Tancredo brings anti-illegal immigration message to New Hampshire primary race

Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo focused on illegal immigration in a visit to New Hampshire on March 10. A Republican Congressman from Colorado, Tancredo addressed a crowd of more than 50 Republicans at the Strafford County Republican Committee's monthly meeting.

'Enforce the law; secure the border,' he said. 'We need more than a virtual fence, we need a real fence.' He added that employers also need to do their part and not hire immigrants. If the U.S. takes away what illegal immigrants come to the country for, a job and money, they'll return home, Tancredo said.

Tancredo also gave a brief news conference. A small group of protestors gathered before his arrival to oppose a Bank of America pilot program in California that lets people without social security numbers get credit cards and to support him.

Tancredo urged those who had Bank of America accounts to close them to show the bank their disapproval.

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  1. OH yeah! We as AMERICANS need to get something done about this or before long this won't be AMERICA anymore!
    Let's just call it Mexico!


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