Thursday, March 08, 2007

Raided Massachusetts factory got city tax break to hire local workers

Michael Bianco Inc., the New Bedford, MA factory raided by immigration agents this week, had received a special tax break from the city that saved the company $57,000 in property taxes over the past two years. In return, the company was to add more than 85 jobs, and “give preference to qualified New Bedford residents."

The tax break would save the company $80,000 over five years. In its last report to the city in July 2005, the company stated that it created 291 jobs, 270 of which went to New Bedford residents. But the company had hired illegal immigrants who lived in New Bedford.

City Councilor-at-large David Alves said the company's misrepresentations are "insulting. It's insulting if the city and state don't seek to take this money back, and it's insulting to legitimate companies trying to stay afloat," he said.

Mayor Scott W. Lang said he is certain that the city will get back its $57,000 in taxes. "If they have received any benefits for running an illegal sweatshop with illegal aliens, I'm going to go after every dime," he said. More importantly, Lang said, he will go after the 520 jobs that the defense contract created in New Bedford.

Hundreds of immigration officers and police descended on the New Bedford leather goods factory, charged top officials with employing illegal immigrants, and rounded up 350 workers who could not prove they were in the country legally.

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  1. now who is going to do that job??
    I give it two weeks and there will be hispinacs working there again cause peaple know thats the only way the work will be done and be done right.Now there is familys seperated all for nothing.were in 2007 wake up.


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