Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Immigration DWI bill reintroduced into Congress

Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) has re-introduced the Scott Gardner Act in Congress, which requires automatic deportation of illegal aliens convicted of DWI. Gardner was a North Carolina teacher and father who was killed two years ago by a drunk driver - an illegal immigrant with five prior drunk driving arrests.

“In the United States 13 people are killed every day by illegal immigrants driving drunk. It is time for it to stop,” said Emily Moose, Gardner’s mother.

Myrick’s bill calls for the automatic deportation and for the name of the illegal convicted of DWI to be entered into a database. The bill passed the House of Representatives last year, but never made it to the Senate.

In February, a North Carolina woman was killed by a man police said was driving drunk and in the country illegally. The driver also had a prior DWI conviction. The victim’s cousin, Jennifer Raper, said she is praying for the Scott Gardner Act to pass. “I cannot help but wonder if this piece of legislation had gone through a year ago, my little cousin and her unborn child might still be her today.”

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