Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mexican Matricula Card - not accepted everywhere

Do Mexican banks accept the Mexican Matricula Card? Three Mexican banks were asked, in Spanish, if they accept the cards. Here is a translation of their responses.

1st bank - This is the situation. I am living in the United States, but I don’t have documents. I am not living legally there. I would like to go live in Tijuana and all I have is the Mexican Matricula Consular card that is given at the Mexican Consulate in the United States. I would like to know if I can open an account with this form of identification.

No. In order to open an account you would have to have a Mexican Passport or a Federal Credential ID, only.

The matricula card is not considered….

Official by itself, NO.

2nd bank - I am a Mexican citizen residing in the United States. All of my other ID’s have expired. All I have is the Matricula Card which is given at the Mexican Consulate. Can I use that to open a checking account and a credit card?

No. Only with the Mexican electoral card, driver’s license or a non-expired passport.

So, the matricula card is NOT accepted.

No, it is not accepted.

3rd bank - I would like to open an account but all I have is the Mexican Matricula card, I don’t have a social security number. I am living in the United States, but I am planning on going…

No sir, you need to have an American passport, the matricula, social security number, and proof of residence in the United States.

So, who does accept the Mexican matricula card in order to open a checking account and/or a credit card? Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many other American banks. It's not secure enough to meet Mexican bank standards, but it's perfectly fine for U.S. banks.

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