Saturday, March 24, 2007

States seeking laws to penalize employers of illegals

Lawmakers in some states want to start cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. They are frustrated by what they see as a lack of aggressiveness on the federal government’s part in enforcing a federal law

Legislators in Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Virginia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma ideas such as fining businesses and suspending their licenses, prohibiting violators from obtaining state contracts, and requiring employers to sign affidavits saying they do not knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

A few states passed laws in 2006 to confront the problem as well.

”The feds are so woefully behind,” said Republican state Sen. Chris Koster of Missouri, sponsor of one such proposal. ”To sit around and wait for federal action on this is like waiting for Santa Claus.”


  1. Well yeah, someone has to pay!
    It seems the only ones paying are the AMERICAN CITIZEN!

    Until we crack down on all of the people that are helping these ILLEGALS they will just keep coming for the free ride!

  2. While we have improved the lifes of Mexicans, etc., the AMERICAN people have suffered needlessly because of our on so-called leaders. Our quality of life has gone downhill with our wages. Now we can all learn to live on minimum wage.


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